The Youthful Years of Julius Caesar

When one hears of the name Julius Caesar, a lot of words come to mind. Conqueror, leader, tactician, dictator, general, fearless. And we can think of a lot more qualities to describe him as a person and as a military head. A lot of plays have been made to depict his life and his death. His life was just as colorful as his sudden death at the hands of Brutus.

One most recognizable play is the one created by William Shakespeare. It has garnered tons of praises as being a great play with portions of history and a lot of characters that were present during the reign of Julius Caesar. This play is showing today in theaters in the Netherlands. You can get discounts through promo codes or voucher codes. Get in touch with the customer support of these theatrical companies to find out how you can save money on tickets.

The early life of Julius Caesar

Caesar’s full name is Gaius Julius Caesar. He came from a patrician family. Patrician means that he belonged to one of the ruling families during his time. This was very important because it signified the right and the privileges of the people who were part of these families. But the essentiality of the name slowly degraded in time after the Conflict of the Orders. His family claimed to be descendants of the legendary prince Aeneas. His family is from Alban origin. Their clan moved to Rome in the 7th century. The Caesar name, as identified by Pliny the Elder, came from the time when someone from the same family had a Caesarian section. The name had three explanations. Either it means that he killed an elephant, someone who had thick hair, or that he had gray eyes. Since Caesar opted to make coins of elephants, it was assumed that he liked the first explanation best.

Caesar’ father, who also had the same name, was the governor of Asia. His sister, Julia married one of the most popular figures at that time. When his father died, Caesar became the head of his family. It was in his 16th year when he was tasked to lead a war against his uncle. He then married Cornelia. He was nominated as the high priest or Flamin Dialis.