The Discussions on Shakespeare’s Play

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is one of the most famous plays of all time but it is not the one with the least controversy in it. Because of the popularity of Julius Caesar in various locations of performances and the number of people who watch and continue to watch it, there has been much discussion and debate of the things described and the figures who have been portrayed in the play. If you want to find out more about the disagreements toward the play, it is best to watch it first. You can get discounts on the play through voucher codes and promo codes offered by the theatrical company near your area.

The Protagonist of the play

Even though the title of the play is named after the famous emperor of Rome, people are still asking whether Shakespeare purposely made Julius Caesar less of a character in the play. As you will see in the play, there is also much focus on the character of Brutus, the person, and leader who stabbed him to death. You can see that Brutus is portrayed with deep emotions and thoughts and with many lines and scenes on the play. But some would say and contest that the real character and protagonist is Julius Caesar. This is because it is through him that the whole story revolved and moved. Without him, the whole play would fall off. It would not have anything to hold on and get a grasp to.

The Motivation of Brutusjulius ceasar

It can be seen throughout the play how Brutus is depicted as someone who had honor. He wanted to put his country and his people first rather than his emotional connection with Caesar. Assassinating someone you know is difficult enough. But to do it to make sure that all the other people you love needed to be protected. Cassius, one of the other characters in the play, was motivated by envy but Shakespeare showed that Brutus is more of different version of Caesar. Their go by their intuition and they make sure to do something about it. In the end, Julius Caesar died because of the decision made by Brutus.

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